Titus Andronicus

Here’s a little bit of a new short that I’ve been working on. I’m really excited about this one. 

“Bound and gagged the brothers hang, meat in a larder. The girl, tongueless, handless, and broken limps from the shadows.

“‘Look, Lavinia,’ the General chuckles, ‘look your enemies are bound. Gag them. We do not need to hear their cries. They need to hear, and they can’t if they are screaming too loud.’

The ancient patriarch circles. Knife in hand, he waits as his men stuff the mouths of the pigs about to be slaughtered.

‘This is the spring that you have stained, this is the summer mixed with your summer. You killed her husband. And for that crime her brothers were condemned to death, my hand taken from me. To you all a joke, a merry jest. And, from her you stole hands and tongue, and worst than all combined her spotless chastity. Oh, how I’ve longed for this moment. How I will martyr you. I still have hand enough to slit your throats. But, before I end you, and end you I shall, know your ignominy will not end with your death. Between her stumps, my sweet that you have bittered, holds a bowl to collect your sick. I will grind your bones to dust, and with your blood I shall make a paste. Your mother will sup with me. She we will feast upon that which she gave life.’

A whimper as the largest brother feels cold steel on his throat. A gurgle as his life drains from his neck. ”

Pretty fucked up huh? 


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